Grand Prix Trial Winning Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on November 11, 2017

By Chapman Sim

The Grand Prix Trials which take place on Friday usually provide a good preview of Saturday's metagame. Aside from the usual suspects - Temur Energy, Sultai Energy, Four-Color Energy, White-Blue Approach, and Ramunap Red - a couple of interesting decks also showed up to surprise the competition. Check out Yan Haowen’s Sultai Control deck with Shefet Monitor as well as Nobuhiro Yamada’s innovative White-Blue Aggro deck featuring Heart of Kiran and eight Planeswalkers!

Cai Jia Hui's Ramunap Red

Li Chen's Ramunap Red

Yan Haowen's Sultai Energy

Nobuhiro Yamada's White-Blue Aggro

Signargout Hippolyte's Ramunap Red

Yan Tian Ji's Sultai Control

Xie Zikai's Four-Color Energy

Hua Yukun's Four-Color Energy

Wang Chaofan's White-Blue Approach

Su Guan Nan's Ramunap Red

Sergey Etimov's White-Blue Approach

Chen Zhiming's Temur Energy

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