Posted in GRAND PRIX SHIZUOKA 2015 on January 10, 2015

By Josh Bennett

As BDM, Marshall, Ben Stark and the US crew get ready to bring you live video coverage of Grand Prix Omaha, their Japanese counterparts are already hard at work here in Shizuoka. The show is hosted by fifteen-year coverage veteran Keita Mori, alongside the irrepressible Mayako Kakuuchi and Japan’s Pro Magic Elder Statesman, Tsuyoshi Fujita. With a rotating cast of commentators they put up a weekend-long cavalcade of Feature Matches, player interviews and general tomfoolery for an appreciative audience. Just how appreciative they are is immediately apparent thanks to real-time incorporation of viewer comments into the broadcast. Particularly comic or devastating moments are accompanied by a deluge that can completely eclipse the action.

If you’re keen to maximize your Magic-watching this weekend, you can tune in at . You’ll be required to register a free account to watch (a relatively painless process) but be advised that as a non-paying viewer, you may get bumped from the room during peak viewing times to make space for Premium members.