Posted in GRAND PRIX SHIZUOKA 2015 on January 10, 2015

By Frank Karsten

What is your favorite 2-card combo with commons or uncommons in Khans of Tarkir Limited?

There are plenty of cool combos in Khans of Tarkir Limited. After playing with the set for several months, many of them have become well known, but I asked some of the pros in attendance today what stood out for them.

No. 9 Lee Shi Tian: Alpine Grizzly plus Dragonscale Boon. They always block the 4/2 with a morph, and then you have a 6/4 left standing.

Pro Tour Charleston 2006 winner Shota Yasooka: Armament Corps plus Abzan Falconer. You can suddenly fly over with all of your creatures.

No. 2 Ivan Floch: Kin-Tree Invocation plus Archers' Parapet. It’s a cheap 5/5.

No. 23 Yuuki Ichikawa: Secret Plans plus Monastery Flock. The morphs with a cheap unmorph cost are best with the enchantment.