Posted in GRAND PRIX SHIZUOKA 2015 on January 10, 2015

By Frank Karsten

Grand Prix Shizuoka has started, and over 2,200 players have showed up to compete. But how does a Grand Prix venue look like in Japan? Let’s make our way into the tournament venue!

The entrance to the venue.

The signage that welcomes you upon entering.

Is this how people play Magic in Japan?

Shops display their wares while players gather around.

A huge crowd of players on their way to their deck registration tables.

Head judge Kevin Desprez announces that players can start building.

Sealed deck building is underway.

The feature match area where cameras are recording the match for the NicoNico stream.

Fans can also get their cards signed at Grands Prix; here you see Ryan Alexander Lee in action.

The other artist in attendance today is Christopher Moeller.

If everything fails in the main event, you can also sign up for a side event.

Whether you win or lose, a Grand Prix is a great experience.