Like Father, Like Son

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 27, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Kerry Tan has been a Magic player for over a decade and shares with me that he's "always been a huge fan of Magic and loves to collect foils, artist prints and Magic-related memorabilia."

"There is a local game store within walking distance of where I used to live and I was there regularly to hang out with my pals. I am also on the constant lookout for Limited Edition playmats and figurines and my most recent acquisition was the limited Pro Tour Exclusive Nicol Bolas Pop!"

But that was when he was a strapping bachelor though. A hectic work schedule and marriage has got in the way of a more active Magic lifestyle.

He cut down on his hours from the hobby to focus on being the family man, but now that his kids are old enough to behave themselves, he has the luxury of bringing them to attend Grand Prix with him.

Anyway, can you recall what you were doing at seven years old?

You were probably in grade school then. Practicing penmanship, running around the playground and being force-fed vegetables by mommy dearest.

Whatever it was, I find it hard to believe that you were participating at a Grand Prix. Sure enough, Sebastian Tan has also been turning heads simply by walking around the sea of players twice his height.

Sebastian is the youngest competitor today at seven years old and is armed with the infamous Boros Burn deck. The boy's very good with numbers and it should not be difficult to add up 3s and 4s.

"My favorite creature in the deck is that enchantment creature!"

Undoubtedly referring to Eidolon of the Great Revel, the boy's already great at identifying the best cards in his deck. He is also playing with Vexing Devil today and has claimed a number of victims today with the crucial addition.

Sebastian also cites Boros Charm as his favorite card in the deck.

"It is a gold card and it is a burn spell that deals 4 damage. Most of the other cards only deal 3 damage."

"Strategy" aside, this story is really more how father and son are engaging in a weekend of quality time together. Both are registered as VIPs, granting them exclusive playmats and access to the VIP lounge where Sebastian is indulging in the bottomless supply of Oreo Cookies.

"I really enjoy the time we spend together and I am glad that my boy can share this hobby with me. I feel that the Magic community is a great environment for Sebastian to learn how to interact with people and it is also a great avenue for learning math and communication skills. Magic players are usually very friendly, and I find that it is a safe environment for my child to be in."

As we speak, Sebastian is beating down with Goblin Guides and Monastery Swiftspears and unleashing a flurry of burn spells at his opponents.

The day is still early, and it is our hope that he will be able to win a few matches to kickstart his very young Magic career! Regardless, I'm sure that both father and son are having a great day here at Grand Prix Singapore!