A Glimpse of the Field

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 27, 2015

By Chapman Sim

With over a thousand players in the room, it is not difficult to generate a pool of talent. These 30 esteemed players have more than 30 Pro Tour Top 8s and 150 Grand Prix Top 8s collectively.

They include Hall of Famers, Pro Tour Champions, Grand Prix Champions, World Magic Cup Champions and National Champions from all around the globe!

Here is an aggregation of what they have bought to the tournament today. It seems like there is a pretty even three-way split between Aggro, Control and Combo. This is a sign that Modern's diversity is unexaggerated, even though the popularity of Grishoalbrand is apparent.

A detailed Day 2 metagame breakdown will be brought to you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Player Country
Alexander Hayne Canada
Benny Soewanda Indonesia
Cheng Tung-Yi Taiwan
Choo Yong Han Singapore
Huang Hao-Shan Taiwan
Jacob Wilson Canada
Jason Chung New Zealand
Joseph Sclauzero Australia
Justin Cheung Australia
Kelvin Chew Singapore
Kentaro Yamamoto Japan
Lee Shi Tian Hong Kong
Leong Ding Yuan Singapore
Makihito Mihara Japan
Martin Jůza Czech Republic
Nam Sung Wook Korea
Nicholas Wong Singapore
Park Jun Young Korea
Raymond Tan Philippines
Reid Duke USA
Rick Lee Malaysia
Sugaya Hironobu Japan
Sun Bo China
Tomoharu Saito Japan
Tzu Ching Kuo Taiwan
William Jensen USA
Yam Wing Chun Hong Kong
Yuuki Ichikawa Japan
Yuuta Takahashi Japan
Yuuya Watanabe Japan
Archetype Number
Abzan Company 1
Amulet Bloom 3
Burn 3
Grishoalbrand 6
Grixis Control 3
Infect 1
Jund 4
Merfolk 1
Others 1
RG Tron 1
Splinter Twin 4
Zoo 2