Quarterfinals: Reid Duke (Jund) vs. Ray Wee (Abzan Midrange)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 28, 2015

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Reid Duke is one of the Big Guns here this weekend. Coming into the event, he had 37 Pro Points, and needs a solid finish both here and in Grand Prix Montréal before Pro Tour Magic Origins to get Platinum, and he's off to a very good start here in Singapore. Across from him sits Ray Wee from Singapore, in his first Grand Prix Top 8.

I asked the players who was favoured in this match.

"He is," Wee smiled. He felt Duke's Jund deck had the upper hand over his Abzan Midrange.

If Wee was feeling the pressure, he wasn't showing it, even as he mulliganed to 6. Duke kept his 7, and Wee continued to show no signs of stress as he mulliganed again to 5. He showed a little stress as he went to 4, eliciting an apology from Duke, and could only smile as he then mulliganed to 3.

Ray Wee mulligans away his chances.

Wee opened festivities with a Thoughtseize.

"You may be able to beat me with 3 cards if I don't draw a land," Duke laughed, revealing a one land hand with Lightning Bolt, Inquisition of Kozilek and a bunch of 2 drops. Wee took a Dark Confidant.

Duke missed his second land drop while Wee played a Tarmogoyf. Duke drew and cracked a Bloodstained Mire, falling to 17 to find a Stomping Ground to go with his Blood Crypt, and played a Tarmogoyf of his own. Wee had nothing, and Duke drew a third land and summoned Liliana of the Veil to his side, who immediately ordered Wee to sacrifice a creature. Having started with so few resources, Wee saw no way out of this pickle, and reached for his sideboard.

Duke 1 – Wee 0

Duke begun game two with a Thoughtseize taking away Wee's Path to Exile. Wee attacked Duke down to 14 with his Treetop Village, and played a Tarmogoyf. Duke played a Kitchen Finks, and followed it up with Olivia Voldaren, but Wee had an Abzan Charm for the vampire.

Duke attacked his Finks into the 3/4 ‘Goyf, and then played and used a Scavenging Ooze to shrink the Goyf past the point of no return.

Reid Duke gets tricky with his Scavenging Ooze.

Wee played Tasigur, the Golden Fang, and Duke again matched him with one of his own, but Wee took it down with a Murderous Cut and attacked. Duke attacked back with his (now smaller) Finks, the Scavenging Ooze, and a Raging Ravine.

Wee activated his Tasigur, seeing Sigarda, Host of Herons, and a land to go with the Murderous Cut already in his graveyard. Duke gave Wee the Sigarda, and Wee passed back the turn, this time leaving his Tasigur back on defence.

Duke attacked with only his Ravine, which became a 5/5. Low on life, Wee reluctantly pushed Tasigur in front of it, and activated it again, this time revealing a Path to Exile and an Inquisition of Kozilek. Duke gave him the Inquisition, and then Thoughtseize'd away the Sigarda.

Wee played the Inquisition, taking a Tarmogoyf and leaving Duke with a Kolaghan's Command. Duke attacked again, and Wee drew nothing to stop the American taking the match.

Reid Duke defeats Ray Wee 2-0