Quarterfinals: Steven Tan (Affinity) vs. Tay Junhao (4-Color Company)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 28, 2015

By Jun-Wei Hew

Of the four quarterfinals, this was easily the most casual. Featuring two local players who know each other well, this quarterfinal matchup pits Steven Tan's Affinity against Tay Jun Hao's 4-Color Company, brewed by Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Top 8'er, Kelvin Chew.

This will be Tan's third Top 8, although first in a Constructed format, while Tay is a newcomer who has just earned his first Top 8 appearance.

Game 1

Placing higher in the Swiss rounds, Tan naturally chose to go first, opening with Memnite and Vault Skirge before adding a pair of Signal Pests to the board.

Tay Junhao

In an attempt to stem the bleeding, Tay cracked his Windswept Heath for a Plains and showed Path to Exile.

Tay: "Do you have any recommendations?"

Tan: "I suggest the Memnite. Absolutely!"

One Signal Pest went to exile, while Spellskite came down to block. Cranial Plating on Vault Skirge got around that, and was delayed for a turn by Deceiver Exarch. No fourth land showed up for Tay, who had to pass without any play.

Arcbound Ravager and Etched Champion had Tay reaching for his sideboard.

Tan: "Why do you have so many Forests?!"

Tay: "I'm poor. I can't afford shocklands"

Tan: "I'll lend you shocklands if you want."

Tay: "Ask the judge if I can change my deck!"

Steven Tan 1 – Tay Junhao 0

Game 2

The second game went marginally slower, with Darksteel Citadel into Springleaf Drum paving the way for Mox Opal to bring out Etched Champion on Turn 2. Tay simply laid three lands. Cranial Plating came out and quadrupled Tay's clock, who could only muster up a Scavenging Ooze for defense.

Steven Tan

With no way to destroy artifacts en-masse, Tay was quickly rendered helpless to the mechanical onslaught. A second Etched Champion and Torpor Orb was just icing on the cake.

Steven Tan 2 – Tay Junhao 0