Quarterfinals: Yuta Takahashi (Temur Twin) vs. Hitomi Masaaki (Affinity)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 28, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Yuta Takahashi's having quite a nice quarter. Having just won Grand Prix Kyoto, he followed that up with a Top 8 here in Singapore to lock up Silver. He is piloting Temur Twin, a deck that he chose to battle the rise of combo decks.

His opponent is a relative unknown compared to himself and should also be rejoicing in the fact that he was now qualified for Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar. His Affinity deck has served him well all weekend, especially the full set of Etched Champion which he was running.

Game One

Masaaki had a slow start, putting up only Inkmoth Nexus and Springleaf Drum on his first turn. Takahashi countered Mox Opal with Spell Pierce, but had no solution to Etched Champion.

Takahashi tried to buy some time with Deceiver's Exarch, but he wasn't about to win. Masaaki had already successfully resolved Spellskite and Arcbound Ravager with success.

Takahashi's back was already against the wall but Masaaki was relentless and added a second Etched Champion.

Yuta Takahashi figures out how to beat Spellskite and double Etched Champion, to no avail.

Takashi killed Spellskite using a combination of Snapcaster Mage and Lightning Bolt but Masaki responded with Galvanic Blast on Deceiver Exarch, ensuring that Splinter Twin would not cost him the match.

Seeing no way out, Takahashi reached for his sideboard and they were on the the second game.

Yuta Takahashi 0 – Hitomi Masaaki 1

Game Two

Masaaki once again resolved Etched Champion, this time with the help of Mox Opal. Cranial Plating turned the “lowly” 2/2 into a formidable clock.

Takahashi had the combo and tried to wrap things up by casting Deceiver's Exarch (and hopefully untap for Splinter Twin).

Hitomi Massaki puts his opponent on a two-turn clock.

However, Masaaki had the Galvanic Blast once again, prompting Takahashi to scoop up his cards. There was no way for him to beat a 10/2 Etched Champion at this point.

Yuta Takahashi 0 – Hitomi Masaaki 2