Quick Questions 2: What's your best sideboard card all weekend?

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 28, 2015

By Ray Walkinshaw and Chapman Sim

What's your best sideboard card all weekend?

Nam Sung Wook (Pro Tour Journey into Nyx Finalist): I am playing Jund and I love Surgical Extraction. I was able to surprise a few combo players by removing their key card.

Don van Ravenzwaaij (Australia Pro Point Leader): Cavern of Souls. It was good against the sea of blue decks this weekend!

Shota Yasooka (Pro Tour Charleston Champion): Jund. Night of Souls' Betrayal is my best sideboard card.

Lee Shi Tian (4 Pro Tour Top 8s): Blood Moon, of course! It's like my trademark card now. I'm playing Grishoalbrand.

Leong Ding Yuan (World Championships 2005 Top 8): I'm playing Boros Burn and the third Grim Lavamancer was awesome. I played against 4 Merfolk already!

Ken Yukuhiro (Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Top 8): Stain the Mind. I am playing Next Level Abzan and combo decks are bad matchups.