Round 8 Feature Match: Yuta Takahashi vs. Sun Bo (Twin vs Burn)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SINGAPORE 2015 on June 27, 2015

By Jun-Wei Hew

Yuta Takahashi is a man who needs little introduction, with a victory at Grand Prix Kyoto win just two months ago to accompany his eight Grand Prix Top 8s. His opponent, Bo Sun of China is no slouch either, and is currently the Pro Tour points leader in China.

At 6-1 each, this match will secure Day 2 for the winner, leaving the loser to a "win-and-in" bubble match for the final round. Takahashi is armed with TarmoTwin, while Sun came with mountains and burn spells at the ready.

Game 1

Winning the die roll, Sun quickly opened, guns blazing with a Goblin Guide, netting Takahashi an extra land. With 9 cards in his hand, Takahashi mulled over what land to play and eventually decided on Misty Rainforest. He had the option of fetching an Island to cast Serum Visions, but instead chose to pass and discard it instead.

That should've raised Sun's eyebrows, but with no second land in sight, he had to contend with adding Monastery Swiftspear to his team. Sure enough, Takahashi fetched out a Stomping Ground during Sun's end step, paving the way to a second turn Tarmogoyf, large enough to brawl with the Goblin Guide thanks to the Serum Visions he discarded earlier.

Apparently, discarding Serum Visions is the way to go!

Unfortunately for Sun, he was still stuck at one land while two Shard Volleys taunted him from his hand. He thought about the decision for a while, before choosing to add another Monastery Swiftspear to his army.

But no attacks were made. Tarmogoyf had held the fort. A second Tarmogoyf joined the table which freed up the first one to go on the offense.

A second Mountain finally decided to show up for Bo, but it was too late. With Takashi holding on to Spell Snare, Spell Pierce and Remand, there was no way for Sun to resolve any of his burn spells and he watched as the pair of Tarmogoyfs sent him to his death.

Yuta Takahashi 1 – Sun Bo 0

Game 2

Game 2 started out in similar fashion, with Goblin Guide giving Takahashi an extra card before Takahashi opened with a tapped Breeding Pool, discarding a Deceiver Exarch. A second Goblin Guide came out to play, leaving Takahashi with no choice but to run out a Tarmogoyf without any protection.

Yuta Takahashi

Sun's hand held burn spells aplenty, but none of the "target creature" variety. Both Goblin Guides attacked into the Tarmogoyf, and Sun was forced to use the double strike mode on Boros Charm to kill the Tarmogoyf. Takahashi was all-too happy to oblige.

A second Tarmogoyf came down to replace the first and Takahashi sealed his victory when Thragtusk hit the board for Takahashi. With it taking him back up to a very healthy 14 life, Sun scooped it up when Takahashi added insult to injury when he attached Splinter Twin to the Thragtusk.

Yuta Takahashi 2 – Sun Bo 0

Yuta Takahashi wins 2-0!