Quick Questions #1 – Origin Story

Posted in Event Coverage on February 1, 2015

By Marc Calderaro

Teams manifest in many ways.  Sometimes it’s a majestic coming together that just works; sometimes it’s longtime friends bonding over a mutual love of Magic; sometimes it’s just because someone missed a plane.  How did the make-up of this event happen for some players?

Sam Pardee, (14) Jacob Wilson, Matt Nass

Nass: We’ve been friends for a long time. We all used to live in this area.

Pardee: And then Jacob was a traitor.

Nass: Well, you were a traitor for a while too.

Pardee: Oh yeah, that’s true . . .

[The team then explained some of the substitutions they’d had to make at various events]

Pardee: I missed Grand Prix Nashville because of my grandfather’s 85th birthday.

Me: But now you’re back and all’s right in the world?

Nass: Well, if all were right in the world, we’d be 5-0 right now.

Matt Sperling, Dave Williams, (21) Paul Rietzl

Williams:  Well, we won the last time, so we figured we’d do it again.  We’ve won all the Grand Prix we’ve played in San Jose. [Williams smiles]

Eugene Hwang, Andrew Brown, Jiachen Tao

Brown: Back when we really sucked at Magic, we bought plane tickets to Grand Prix Providence together for some reason.

Hwang: It made sense at the time, and plus Andrew flies for free.

[Brown smiles]

Hwang: We went 10-0, and then on the second day—

Brown: On the second day we built character.

[Sad note: They lost three straight win-and-ins to not make the elimination bracket. Sad face emoticon]

(4) Shahar Shenhar, (23) Alex Hayne, (22) Tom Martell

Alex: I got a Facebook message from Tom asking if I was interested.  I was.

Me: That’s it?

Alex: Yeah, that’s it.

Me: No, like, grand beginning of forging in a lava pit or something?

Alex: Nope.

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