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By Marc Calderaro

"I heard your deck's pretty good," I said to No. 15 Jacob Wilson.

"Well, I passed an on-color Soul," he replied.

In case you missed the Vancouver resident on the stream dismantling his opponent, he did it with incredible flair. Why on earth would a seasoned veteran tap his Krenko's Enforcer to convoke out a Crowd's Favor targeting the now-tapped enforcer during the fourth turn's main phase? To use Generator Servant to cast two Illusory Angels, of course!

The 4/4 flying angel for three mana is undoubtedly powerful, but the restriction can be difficult to manage if you don't build around it. Well Jacob did. As well he should have—he has three copiesof the blue flyer. To help facilitate timely casting, Wilson has seven one-drops. This includes three Crowd's Favor (he drafted four, but chose three as the right number), which allows him to cast Illusory Angel turn three.


"Yeah, I really like the deck," Wilson smirked. Like most humans, the Pro Tour Born of the Gods finalist and Grand Prix Chicago winner sits down at a Magic 2015 draft aiming to draft the ever-loved white deck. After first-picking Chandra, Pyromaster, he was White-Blue the whole first pack. But he never forgot red.


"There was no red in the first pack, so I figured it would be coming in the second." It was a gamble, but boy howdy did it pay off. "I got passed a Cone of Flame in the second pack, then I opened a Soul of Shandalar in the third." After reviving his red, and seeing that white was cut, he jumped into Blue-Red. Halfway through the second pack, he already had two angels under his belt and a bevy of little beaters.

"I passed the Soul of Ravnica for the second angel. I got the third a little later." I mean, it's no big deal; he's got a better mythic anyway in the red Soul. "Evasion is a lot more important in this format than it is in most others. Amphin Pathmage is severely underrated." Wilson's playing two pathmages, and around eight evasive creatures (and it's basically impossible to block Soul of Shandalar anyway). And with tempo tricks like Frost Lynx and Void Snare, often creatures don't even need the evasion to get in there.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm going to be disappointed if I don't go 3-0 and make the Top 8." Looking through his list and watching it play, it's understandable.

Enough mucking about. I know you want to see the decklist.

Jacob Wilson, Draft 2 Grand Prix Salt Lake City

Download Arena Decklist

The draft format is coming to close, but there's still lots of excitement contained in Magic 2015 yet.