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By Frank Karsten

"The deck is really good against fair aggro decks or grindy midrange decks, but it has a hard time beating burn spells or countermagic," Michael Bonde explained when the video coverage team interviewed him at the beginning of the day.

Michael Bonde


Bonde's list is very similar to the one ran by several members of Team ChannelFireball Pantheon at Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir. The deck didn't put up a strong performance there and had fallen a bit out of favor since then, but Bonde thought it would still be a strong choice for the metagame.


His current record is 5-2, so he'll have to win his last two matches of the day to make it to Day 2. Here is Bonde's decklist:

Michael Bonde, G/B Devotion, Grand Prix Stockholm 2014

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In a way, Green Devotion is kind of the last remaining bastion from the old Standard, and it's a tried-and-true strategy. Filled with lots of ways to generate mana and lots of ways to utilize that mana, it features the dream start of Elvish Mystic into Courser of Kruphix into Polukranos, World Eater, which can be particularly deadly when combined with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.

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The most interesting card choice in his deck is See the Unwritten, which is included in lieu of Genesis Hydra. "In testing, I found that See the Unwritten always has a huge impact," Bonde said. "It can get double Doomwake Giant and give -4/-4 to the entire opponent's board, or you can get Hornet Queen and beat most decks in the metagame. It also puts cards in the graveyard for Pharika, God of Affliction."

Another interesting card is Hornet Nest. When asked when he boards it in, Bonde answered that he was mainly planning to bring it in against Goblin Rabblemaster deck. It's a sweet way to deal with the Goblins indeed, but maybe Bonde wasn't brave enough: at least one Platinum pro is playing a Green Devotion deck with Hornet Nest in the maindeck today. Watch out for the bees!