Posted in GRAND PRIX STOCKHOLM 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 26, 2014

By Tobi Henke

We asked a couple of players how the results from Grand Prix Los Angeles affected their deck choice for this event...

Thoralf Severin: The Pro Tour was the most important thing, of course, but the first Grand Prix after the PT may be even more interesting. Everyone had all the facts for the first time and could build on the original input. Decks like Mono-Red are traditionally underrepresented at the Pro Tour.
Matej Zatlkaj: I brewed a little, trying to work on Anteri's deck. In the end, though, I just added more sideboard cards for the Mardu Tokens and Mono-Red match-up.
Oliver Polak-Rottmann: I was very happy that no Sultai deck made it to the Top 8. That made me even more confident in my deck choice.
Denniz Rachid: Didn't affect my deck choice at all. Probably should have. I don't think my deck for this Grand Prix is the best choice, it's more of a comfort thing for me.