Drafting with Thomas Enevoldsen

Posted in Event Coverage on July 31, 2016

By Tobi Henke

Earlier in the day, I overheard a conversation between Thomas Enevoldsen and another player who asked Enevoldsen when he would be traveling to Sydney for the Pro Tour. Enevoldsen had no choice but to admit that he wasn't actually qualified. Which came as quite a surprise to the person asking.

After all, the Dane had been part of the winning team at the World Magic Cup two years ago and won a Grand Prix the year before. But, due to work commitments, Enevoldsen hadn't been able to reach any level in the Pro Club this season.

Yet. In fact, Enevoldsen could still change that. He had finished in the Top 4 at Grand Prague last month and now found himself at twelve Pro Points. A finals appearance here in Stockholm would turn that into 18 points, the requisite amount for the Silver Level. Not that that was anywhere near the front of Enevoldsen's mind. He needed to concentrate on the task at hand: drafting a strong deck.

For his first pick, Enevoldsen considered Selfless Spirit, Prey Upon, Haunted Dead, and Drownyard Behemoth, eventually settling on Haunted Dead. His second pick was Alchemist's Greeting over Imprisoned in the Moon, then came Dusk Feaster over Stensia Innkeeper.

For his fourth pick, he again had a few blue options in Wretched Gryff and Curious Homunculus, but since the pack contained Galvanic Bombardment too there really was no need to venture into another color.

The same wasn't true, however, for pick five. If Enevoldsen had wanted to pick a black or red card here, he would have needed to stoop quite low indeed to pick up Wailing Ghoul or Prophetic Ravings. Instead, he looked elsewhere. Blue offered Laboratory Brute or Drag Under, green offered Ulvenwald Captive. Enevoldsen took the latter.

Next, he took Stensia Innkeeper over both Mournwillow and Geist of the Archives, and the rest of the pack gave him: Swift Spinner, another Stensia Innkeeper, Woodland Patrol, It of the Horrid Swarm, Crop Sigil, and Succumb to Temptation.

During the review period between boosters Enevoldsen moved cards he was potentially willing to play to the front of his pile: There were three black, four red, and four to five green cards … The next pack would have to decide which of these to play.

Enevoldsen opened Bloodhall Priest, but dismissed the two-color card in favor of one of the red contenders: Smoldering Werewolf and Savage Alliance. He thought for a while, then went for the Alliance.

Next came Murder, which he took over Stromkirk Occultist and Haunted Dead. So it appeared, Enevoldsen would be drafting black-red after all. He then took Olivia's Dragoon over Geist-Fueled Scarecrow, then Stromkirk Occultist over Weaver of Lightning.

The rest of the Eldritch Moon gave Enevoldsen Falkenrath Reaver and Skirsdag Supplicant, as well as relatively late copies of Boon of Emrakul, Borrowed Hostility, and Borrowed Malevolence, as eighth, tenth, and eleventh pick respectively.

With the colors figured out, Enevoldsen's draft finally entered smoother waters. His first pick in Shadows over Innistrad was Scourge Wolf over Spiteful Motives, second pick was Fiery Temper, curiously enough over Scourge Wolf, third pick was Heir of Falkenrath, fourth pick was Tooth Collector over Call the Bloodline.

Black and red appeared to dry up somewhat though. Enevoldsen only got Hound of the Farbogs fifth, followed by a more respectable Bloodmad Vampire and a less respectable Vessel of Malignity. But it wasn't that Enevoldsen was in the wrong colors or anything. For his eighth pick he even had the choice between Kindly Stranger and Crow of Dark Tidings, taking the former, and Spiteful Motives went all around the table and joined his draft pile as pick number nine.

The rest of Shadows over Innistrad was disappointing again. Still, it was enough. Enevoldsen had escaped this distinctly difficult draft with something quite reasonable. While he said he wasn't exactly happy with the deck, he was definitely relieved …

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