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Posted in Event Coverage on July 30, 2016

By Tobi Henke

Grand Prix Stockholm was one of three events scheduled this weekend to celebrate the rise of the Eldritch Moon over Innistrad. Between the tournament in Montreal and the one in Sydney, we knew that Stockholm wouldn't see a large concentration of pro players. But because there would be a Pro Tour in Sydney next week and because Sydney is so very far away and because jet lag is a real threat, the number of current pros here in Stockholm turned out to be even lower than expected. Basically, every one who was on the hunt for Pro Points was hunting down under.

So what you shouldn't expect to read about in Grand Prix Stockholm's coverage is things like the race to the World Championship or achieving Gold or Platinum status in the Pro Players Club. For these topics, tune in to live coverage of Grand Prix Sydney!

Now onto the things that you can expect to read about in our coverage …


Eldritch Moon Shakes Up the Limited Format

On any ordinary world, the moon might influence the tides and the stray lycanthrope. On Innistrad, the moon is a force of quite a different magnitude. In any case Eldritch Moon changed the Limited format considerably. After all, two thirds of all cards played this weekend would be from the new set.

There were new synergies to find and to exploit, new mechanics, and new strategies. Certain color combinations may have gained in power, others may have weakened. The tribes of Vampires, Humans, Spirits, and Werewolves got new tools, and new Eldrazi monsters have emerged.

How would that translate to actual game play? Stay tuned to find out!

Pro Players of the Past

All of the most succesful players of the current season may have made the trip to Australia ahead of the Pro Tour. But that didn't mean the player list at Grand Prix Stockholm didn't feature a number of famous names.

2009 World Champion André Coimbra came to Stockholm, for instance, possibly looking to add a sixth Grand Prix Top 8 to his résumé. The Swedish members of the Hall of Fame Anton Jonsson and Olle Råde (champion of Grand Prix Stockholm in the 1997–1998 season) have shown up as well.

Then there's two-time Pro Tour quarterfinalist Nico Bohny and four-time PT quarterfinalist Marijn Lybaert. Old school Limited specialists like Quentin Martin, Arjan van Leeuwen, and Adrian Rosada decided to give Eldritch Moon a try as well. Sweden's own Kenny Öberg and Elias Watsfeldt certainly ring a bell, as does Mattias Kettil who last made the Top 8 of a Pro Tour around the turn of the century. Wenzel Krautmann made the Top 8 of five Grand Prix events before and won one, while Florian Koch won one of his three Top 8s.

And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. All in all, no less than sixty players here at Grand Prix Stockholm could boast at least one previous Pro Tour or Grand Prix Top 8 appearance. All of them might add a new notable finish to their career record this weekend, even if most of their previous notable finishes lay somewhere in the past.

At the very least, they would make for interesting interview partners on topics like life, Limited, and love of Magic. After all, some of these players have stayed with the game for well over twenty years!

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