The 8-0 Decklists of Grand Prix Stockholm 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on September 16, 2018

By Tobi Henke

Out of 1,322 players, nine escaped the first day's eight rounds of Modern with their unblemished records still intact: Karl Oskar Persson, Julian Felix Flury, Thomas Enevoldsen, Joel Larsson, (3) Luis Salvatto, Oliver Moon, Gonçalo Pinto, Ivan Floch (pictured below, left to right), and Erlend Hegni.

Their decks included five White-Blue Control decks and four singleton choices: Jeskai Control, Jeskai Tempo, Titan Breach, and Bant Spirits. Saturday had been a good day for Celestial Colonnade ...

Oliver Moon's Bant Spirits, 8-0

Karl Oskar Persson's Jeskai Tempo, 8-0

Erlend Hegni's Titan Breach, 8-0

Gonçalo Pinto's Jeskai Control, 8-0

Thomas Enevoldsen, 8-0

Julian Felix Flury's White-Blue Control, 8-0

Ivan Floch's White-Blue Control, 8-0

Luis Salvatto's White-Blue Control, 8-0

Joel Larsson's White-Blue Control, 8-0

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