9th-28th Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on September 16, 2018

By Event Coverage Staff

The following decklists' pilots didn't quite reach the very top, but they did come pretty close. Ivan Floch and Nicolas Bergerot in particular only missed the cut on tiebreakers, and as for the rest of them: they all went 12-3, which we've used as our cutoff point here. Enjoy!

Ivan Floch's White-Blue Control, 9th

Nicolas Bergerot's Jund, 10th

Oscar Christensen's Bant Spirits, 11th

Ari Faggin's Affinity, 12th

Simon Åberg's Bridge Vine, 13th

Andreas Ganz's Bridge Vine, 14th

Leo Lahonen's Hardened Scales, 15th

Alessandro Cavalli's Bridge Vine, 16th

Oscar Garcia Munoz's Blue-Red Thing, 17th

Svante Landgraf's Grixis Shadow, 18th

Mats Törnros's Bogles, 19th

Jakob Bergelin's Humans, 20th

Sten Schwede's Blue-Red Thing, 21st