Trial Winning Decklists of Grand Prix Stockholm 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on September 15, 2018

By Tobi Henke

The weekend, like every Grand Prix weekend, began with Trials on Friday. These tournaments offered players the final chance to earn byes for the main event as well as the last opportunity to test their decks in a real tournament environment before the big show. Their final chance was of course our first this weekend to get a look at the latest iteration of the Modern metagame.

Fabrizio Leuzzi, Trial Winner

Jeppe Risager, Trial Winner

Benjamin Vea, Trial Winner

Roberto Fabiani, Trial Winner

Frederik Holm, Trial Winner

Tommi Helkinniemi, Trial Winner

Ville Tuomisto, Trial Winner

Emil Jägborn, Trial Winner

Tormod Lang, Trial Winner

Michal Szwebs, Trial Winner

Viktor Persson, Trial Winner

Robin Runesson, Trial Winner

Markus Eilasson, Trial Winner