Coverage of Grand Prix Strasbourg Day 1

Posted in Event Coverage on April 13, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast


Saturday, 9:39 a.m. – Grand Prix Trial Winners

by Tobi Henke

As usual, Friday already saw a little bit of action. Players were gearing up for the main event and used their last chance to try and earn three byes by playing in one of the 25 Grand Prix Trials. Twenty-five? Well, "a little bit" may have been understating things.

In fact, the hall was quickly packed with busy mages, and there was so much going on, we unfortunately didn't get all of the Trial winners' deck lists. But take a look at the following—a first glance of what's to be expected over the weekend. BUG, RUG, Blue-White Miracles, Merfolk, Stoneblade, Storm, Sneak & Show, Jund ... all the staples are present, but so are some rather unexpected decks, say Affinity or the long-missed Goblins! Legacy, as varied as ever.

Alexander Kilyuk


Andreas Bendix Nielsen


Hove Thießen


Jan Jestribek


Joran Menger


Emanuele Marcotti


Gerhard Möllemann


Raphael Werder


Andreas Hartl


Rune Jørgensen


Bo Yan


Tobias Dreger