Posted in GRAND PRIX STRASBOURG 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 30, 2014

By Tobi Henke

This was it. These two, France's Pierre Dagen and Hungarian Tamás Nagy, had made it further than 1,982 others. They were the last two players in the running for the trophy and, being so close, of course they were fiercely determined to get their hands on it now.

Both had left the final draft table with straightforward clan decks. Dagen was running Abzan, Nagy was bringing an impressive Sultai deck.

Game 1

After a mulligan, Dagen had to wait a bit on his fourth land but fought back valiantly against Nagy's onslaught which began with Smoke Teller and continued with a stream of morphs.

Pierre Dagen

Dagen had Seeker of the Way, a morph of his own, and even managed to put Nagy's Bellowing Saddlebrute away in a Suspension Field. He was still sitting on four lands, however, when Sultai Scavenger and Abomination of Gudul flew to victory.

Pierre Dagen 0-1 Tamás Nagy

Game 2

Nagy started pressuring Dagen right off the bat with Temur Charger and Jeskai Windscout, which really didn't look like the best kind of creatures anymore when Dagen unmorphed Sage-Eye Harrier on turn four. Nagy was not to be denied though, swiftly removed the nuisance with Sultai Charm and continued to beat down.

Dagen succesfully managed to rid himself off Temur Charger when he put another morph in its way, but Nagy simply upgraded his team with Rakshasa Deathdealer.

Tamás Nagy

The Deathdealer was blocked by yet another morph, was pumped, then was exiled before dealing damage by Abzan Charm. Even though Nagy had another strong follow-up in Bellowing Saddlebrute, it appeared as if Dagen might be able to claw his way back into the game with Shambling Attendants—especially considering his morph was just waiting to morph into Abzan Guide.

Unfortunately, it never came to that. Nagy killed the as-of-now still face-down Abzan Guide with Savage Punch which also meant the 6/7 Bellowing Saddlebrute traded against Shambling Attendants.

Without his lifelink creature, Dagen died a slow and painful—well, not that slow, but definitely painful death at the hand of Jeskai Windscout.

Pierre Dagen 0-2 Tamás Nagy

Congratulations to Tamás Nagy, champion of Grand Prix Strasbourg 2014!