Posted in GRAND PRIX STRASBOURG 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 30, 2014

By Tobi Henke

As of yet undefeated going into this round were Pierre Dagen (9-0) and Christian Seibold (8-0-1). Both already had multiple Top 8s to their name, evenly matched even, as both could claim two Top 8s at Grand Prix and one at the Pro Tour.

Of course, both were looking to add another to their résumé this weekend, especially considering they'd have next week off, unlike so many of their peers. "Are you playing next week?"—"No, I'm not qualified. Are you?"—"No."

Seibold had drafted a deck which was black and white for the most part but featured a small splash of red and an even smaller splash of blue. Dagen was running what looked like a pretty straight Abzan deck.

Game 1

Following a mulligan for Seibold, neither player got off to a fast start, with the first creatures being cast on their respective owner's turn three. The action began with a couple of trades: Mardu Hateblade versus morph, Krumar Bond-Kin versus Longshot Squad.

Christian Seibold

Subsequently, Seibold lost Mardu Skullhunter to an unmorphing Sidisi's Pet and then he failed to cast another spell, while Dagen quickly took the game with Hooting Mandrils, Armament Corps, and Sidisi's Pet, the latter now 3/6 thanks to the Corps.

Pierre Dagen 1-0 Christian Seibold

Pierre Dagen

Game 2

This was even more of a non-event, as Seibold never played a third land as well as no creature until it was way too late. Meanwhile, Dagen capitalized on Seibold's predicament with a perfect curve draw of Highland Game, morph, Longshot Squad, and Armament Corps.

Pierre Dagen 2-0 Christian Seibold

"Would you have kept this?" Seibold asked after the match, revealing his second game's opening seven.

"I think I'd mulligan this," Dagen answered. "I mean you need a black source as your first draw, or else Disowned Ancestor isn't very good. Mardu Skullhunter isn't very good. And without raid, neither is Mardu Hordechief."

"I do have nine sources of black mana in the deck," Seibold protested. "And even without a black source, a morph on turn three followed by Mardu Hordechief on turn four, and all of that playing first, isn't exactly the end of the world."

"I agree it's very close with nine sources," said Dagen. "But I'd still mulligan. But I do mulligan a lot."