Posted in GRAND PRIX STRASBOURG 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 29, 2014

By Tobi Henke

In the penultimate round of the day, two national team captains clashed: Nico Bohny and Bing Han, fighting for Switzerland and China, respectively. Neither was a stranger to the feature match area: Bing had been a semifinalist at Grand Prix Shanghai last month, Bohny, among other things, had been a finalist in Milan earlier this year.

Both players had just one loss in the tournament so far, so neither was in danger of being eliminated from Day 2 contention just yet. However, both would need at least one more match win to secure a spot in the Booster Draft portion of the event.

Bohny had built an Abzan deck with a slight Warrior theme, Bing was simply playing the best of all five colors.

Game 1

Bohny led with Seeker of the Way and Ainok Bond-Kin but didn't get very far before Bing caught up to him with Sultai Flayer and Highspire Mantis. Bohny's Anafenza, the Foremost was matched perfectly by Bing Suspension Field.

Nico Bohny

Bing further cemented his stranglehold on the game with Archer's Parapet and Abzan Falconer. In fact, Bohny was only able to mount another offense when he cast Raiders' Spoils, and even then he only managed to get in another 4 damage. And since Bing traded away Sultai Flayer in the process, even that was for naught.

Highspire Mantis and Abzan Falconer flew to victory with Archer's Parapet taking the final life.

Bing Han 1-0 Nico Bohny

Game 2

Again, Bohny deployed the first creatures, with Ainok Bond-Kin and a morph, but lost both to Arc Lightning.

Both players had further morphs. However, while Bing encountered some difficulties and basically never found his fourth land, Bohny's deck was operating on full power and gave him Mardu Skullhunter, Seeker of the Way, Herald of Anafenza, and Armament Corps.

Bing fought valiantly with Kill Shot, but when he finally drew a fourth land to cast Highspire Mantis, he promptly lost it to Throttle, and subsequently lost the game as well.

Bing Han 1-1 Nico Bohny

Game 3

This was a quick and easy affair and easy to recount too. After a mulligan, Bohny only cast one Mardu Skullhunter during the first five turns of the game, followed by an Unyielding Kumar which immediately yielded to Arc Lightning and one Woolly Loxodon which immediately met its Crackling Doom.

Bing Han

Meanwhile, Bing had summoned Abzan Falconer and one, two, three morphs, taught the Falconer to fly, and well ... Bohny soon conceded and revealed the Rush of Battle that had been one of two spells in his opening hand and not one of the three spells he had cast that game ...

Nico Bohny 1-2 Bing Han