Posted in GRAND PRIX STRASBOURG 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 29, 2014

By Olle Rade

On a day where everyone is busy with their own builds it is sometimes hard to get the top pros to spend their time with coverage builds. Instead I thought I'd bring you my own take on our test sealed pool.

The first thing I did, as always, was to look at the rares and the lands and see what directions they might pull the pool into. The rares had one of the best cards in the format in Duneblast, but at first glance not the mana to support it. With just an Opulent Palace as Green, White or Black fixers it would be hard to go either White/Black with a Green splash, White/Green with a Black splash or Black/Green with a White splash. Ok, so the deck was going to take a little more effort than that. Time to sort out the playables into piles by color and put lands and multicolor cards in one pile to see what might be worth building.

From there, it looked like White and Green was solid, while Black and Red had too weak creatures to be the any of the base colors of the pool. White/Red actually looked pretty good, and with two lands it could allow a small black splash of Ponytail Brigade, maybe a Throttle and something else.


However, the cards just turned out to be too few. With so little mana fix you can't really splash too many cards. So I discarded the White/Red base as well. Next on the menu was a combination that the lands even might allow. Sultai. A good Green curve, backed up with Black removal and Blue tricks. Sounds good, right?


In the end decent, but not spectacular. And not using any of the powerful rares from the pool, and the black cards just didn't feel like they were good enough. This pool actually turned out a lot harder to build than I thought at first. So I went back to the lands to look at what combos they would actually allow. I knew I wanted to be Green, since it had the most solid creatures. Besides, who doesn't love Green? But the hard part was where to go from there.

It turned out the Red removal suited up pretty well with the Green creature curve. And the Ashcloud Phoenix, if you are heavy Red enough to be able to cast it face up is a very strong card. So I went to Temur and it looked like I had finally reached a good combination in terms of creatures, lands and spells. The lands even allowed a "free" Black splash, so I decided to upgrade a few of the weaker Red morphs to Abominations of Gull. In the end. Here's how the deck ended up looking:


Sure, seven red sources might be a little low for Ashcloud Phoenix and Arrow Storm, and a ninth Green one wouldn't hurt either. But I think the deck has a good mix of spells and creatures, decent mana and good morphs. And I can see playing Pearl Lake Ancient also. Although it is a bit slow in my opinion.

Olle Råde

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