Posted in Event Coverage on November 30, 2014

By Olle Rade

With four players remaining, a lot was still on stake for the semifinal competitors.

Tamás Nagy (Sultai) vs. Martin Jůza (Temur)

The first semifinal, saw a battle between Hungary and the Czech Republic. Tamás Nagy was of course hoping for a win here in Strasbourg, but almost as excited about joining the Hungarian team in Nice for the Magic World Cup next week.

The match started out as uneven as possible with two very lopsided games. Nagy claiming the first one on the back of turn four Sidisi, Brood Tyrant. Jůza was trying his best to race with Jeskai Windscout and a Mystic of the Hidden Way, but a Savage Punch and an endless stream of Zombie tokens put a fast end to that.

"Four lands, all colors and Sidisi, no way I was not keeping that hand," commented Tamás Nagy after the game.

Martin Jůza and Tamás Nagy

The second game was if possible even more uneven, as Jůza did what he does best, and curved Icefeather Aven into Jeskai Windscout and Summit Prowler, leaving Nagy with no life total already at the end of turn 6.

For the decider Nagy looked to have the perfect opener. He had Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, he had his Rakshasa Deathdealer and he even had a few nonbasic lands to gain him some life. All he needed was to hit his fourth land drop, and he would be half way to the finals already.

He missed once, and Summit Prowler came down for Jůza.

He missed twice, and the Summit Prowler traded with the Deathdealer and was joined by a morph.

But he hit on his third try, and was back in the game. With Sidisi, Brood Tyrant fueling his graveyard he was soon able to take control with Treasure Cruise and Sultai Scavenger. Jůza, without any card draw, and instead a steady stream of lands was unable to cope, and quickly succumbed once again to the Brood Tyrant. "My deck can't really beat that card." he sighed after the game.

Result: Tamás Nagy defeats Martin Jůza 2-1

Pierre Dagen (Abzan) vs. Kentarou Yamamoto (Jeskai)

The first semifinals had been so fast it had even finished while Dagen and Yamamoto were still in their first game. And if any clan is favored in long and grindy games it sure are the Green/Black ones, Sultai and Abzan. After a quick offense by Yamamoto, Dagen was able to stabilize with Abzan Charm boosting an Alabaster Kirin, and although Yamamoto did get Jeskai's Ascendancy going and summoned some Warriors with Take up Arms. In the end Dagen took him down with his Green/Black late game finishers.

Kentarou Yamamoto and Pierre Dagen

For those hoping for a long and exciting finish in three games, the second was a big let down. As Bellowing Saddlebrute and Longshot Squad from Dagen was matched only by Plains and Islands and a handful of red cards from Yamamoto. Who couldn't extend his hand in defeat fast enough. Still happy to bring the experience and the fourth place finish with him to the World Championships next week.

Result: Pierre Dagen defeats Kentarou Yamamoto 2-0

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