Posted in GRAND PRIX STRASBOURG 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on November 30, 2014

By Event Coverage Staff

These were the cards that shaped the tournament, that sparked discussions and were the most debated, the cards that won games and turned Grand Prix Strasbourg into an event to remember ...

5. Dragonscale Boon

Martin Jůza was one of the many players who stressed the power of Dragonscale Boon and pump spells similar to it, like Awaken the Bear. In this format, it appears as if one always needs just another trump to win a battle of morphs. And Dragonscale Boon is one of the best options—a combat trick that stays around? Sign me up!

4. Zurgo Helmsmasher

All throughout Saturday's Sealed Deck rounds, one mythic rare reared its head again and again in the feature match area—and always on the winning side. Whether it was Hannes Kerem who combined Zurgo Helmsmasher with End Hostilities for a particular savage blowout, or Patrick Dickmann who was curving Butcher of the Horde into Zurgo Helmsmasher against , Zurgo was at the helm. Smashing.

3. Monastery Swiftspear

It's not just for Constructed anymore! The one-drop had long been relegated to the sidelines in Limited, but that may have been a mistake, as it can be a good starting point for an unusually aggressive offensive. Christian Seibold, for example, won a game in draft where he cast Monastery Swiftspear, War-Name Aspirant, Jeskai Elder, Singing Bell Strike, and another kill spell on turns one through five, and simply won on the spot.

2. Treasure Cruise

Another Constructed favorite, Treasure Cruise was a standout card throughout the tournament, especially in the Top 8, where Kentarou Yamamoto and Tamás Nagy repeatedly used the card to refill their hands once their own and their opponents' resources were depleted. Unnecessary to say, they then pulled ahead on cards and easily overcame the opposition.

1. Rakshasa Deathdealer

While the final match of the tournament didn't exactly come down to deathdealings, both of the finalists, Pierre Dagen and Tamás Nagy, had one in their deck. They had previously put them to good use in the quarterfinals, in the semifinals, and it even made a cameo appearance in the finals. As much of a powerhouse in Standard, Rakshasa Deathdealer feels very much at home in Khans of Tarkir Limited too!