Posted in GRAND PRIX SYDNEY 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 23, 2014

By Neale Talbot

The Round 8 feature match at GP Sydney saw homegrown Patty Robertson, who recently made the finals at GP Melbourne, face off against Japan's Tomoharu Saito, with 5 Pro Tour and 19 Grand Prix Top 8s (and a bunch of wins). Patty has a U/B/r deck, the splashing for a couple of Lightning Strikes, while Saito has a W/G deck built around rushing out 2-drops and fetching powerful auras with Heliod's Pilgrim.

Robertson won the die roll and immediately elected to play. Saito eyed his opponent's two open Islands and a single Swamp and took the calculated risk of running out a Heliod's Pilgrim. With no counterspell from Robertson, Saito fetched out a Spectra Ward, but also found himself stuck on 4 land. Robertson held cards in hand and kept open mana to respond to the Spectra Ward, but instead Saito kept developing his board, unable to find the mana he needed for the powerful enchantment.

Tomoharu Saito would love to draw a land.


The board stalled, both building up the ground troops, but eventually Saito found his mana and risked rolling out the Sepectra Ward. He's was successful, and a Sunblade Elf a couple of turns later allowed him to send in his army without fear to take the match.


Robertson 0 - Saito - 1

Game 2, both players kept their starting seven with Patty playing first. Unfortunately for Robertson, Saito had an endless supply of 2-drops, while Robertson's first play was a Turn 4 Haunted Plate Mail. Saito read the card, noted the lack of flying, and sent in his two Sunburst Pegasii. Robertson tried to stabilise with a Soul of Ravnica and Typhoid Rats, but Saito Mass Calcified the board, leaving only the two Pegasii and the Haunted Plate Mail behind.

Patty Robertson's been Calcified.


Robertson cast a Necrogen Scudder, despite dropping perilously low in life. Saito snap exiled the flyer with a Constricting Sliver. With Robertson so low on life he could no longer remove the Sliver without the Scudder returning from exile and draining him of 3 life. Robertson acknowledged the game was over and scooped.


Patrick Robertson 0 - Tomoharu Saito 2