Posted in GRAND PRIX SYDNEY 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 24, 2014

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Would you like to be flown to the Wizards of the Coast offices in Renton, Washington, where Magic is literally made every day, and get a tour around the building, and then play in a tournament for serious prizes? I know I would, and not just because I'd love to bump into Kelly Digges, one of the most talented and dreamiest editors this game has ever seen.

Well it seems that 280 players here at GP Sydney this weekend have had the same idea as me in regards to Kelly "Dreamboat" Digges, or at least the trip to WotC HQ, anyway. 138 players registered for the Sunday Super Series Magic 2015 Sealed event, and 142 for the Sunday Super Series Standard event. Each event will cut to their respective top 4, and all 8 players will draft to see who will be the lucky individual who gets to meet Kelly and everyone else at WotC.

Players enjoying their Sunday Super Series experience.