Posted in GRAND PRIX SYDNEY 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 23, 2014

By Neale Talbot

Alexander Hayne and Jacob WIlson have travelled from their native Canada in order to win a GP and tick a new continent off their bucket list. Having arrived on Wednesday, the dynamic duo have already had a chance to see some sights of one the world's most attractive cities.

Hayne won Pro Tour Avacyn Restored in 2012 with a rogue Miracles deck, and has three GP wins to back it up. Jacob Wilson also has a GP win from 2012 and came second at the recent Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia.

"We've already seen the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge, and visited the Botanic Gardens," said Hayne, "After the GP we'll be spending a week up in Cairns, seeing the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef."

Jacob Wilson and Alexander Hayne chat whimsically of their travels.

When asked how different Sydney was to Canada, Wilson jumped in. "It's almost exactly the same," he said, "We were surprised how similar they are".

"They're both very diverse places," continued Hayne, "with very similar set ups."

"Except your Arizona Iced Tea" joked Wilson. "In Australia, it's five-ninety-nine, whereas in Canada it's ninety-nine cents like it says on the bottle. Except here they tape over that part of the label."

"Coming to Australia and doing the touristy stuff makes the travel fun and worthwhile," said Hayne, "It's like the old Magic slogan, 'Play the Game, See the World'. It's still true."