"Land Ahoy! ...yeah, but is it an Expedition?"

Posted in GRAND PRIX SYDNEY 2015 on October 10, 2015

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

When you're opening a Sealed Pool at a Grand Prix, you're usually looking for something powerful that can really make things unpleasant for your opponent. Sometimes this can be a powerful artifact, or an impressive enchantment, but it's usually a hulking creature, and seldom ever a land. But on Zendikar, some lands are more desirable than others.

As I'm sure you're all aware now, Battle for Zendikar boosters very occasionally contain some truly stunning foil Expedition lands. Lands from Zendikar, and from further afield. Excited cheers were heard all across the tournament hall this morning as lucky individuals found Expeditions glittering at the back of their packs.

While some players were reluctant to appear in the coverage, hunkering over their "preciouses" and glaring at me (not really, they were mostly quiet and reserved) others were thrilled to have the opportunity to share their good fortune with you all.

Stephen Wilson

Brisbane's Stephen Wilson was the first to raise his hand, opening a Polluted Delta. Stephen's been playing Magic since Legends, which is over 20 years. There are players in this tournament who haven't even been alive that long.

Traci Seaton

Traci Seaton from Christchurch was next, with a Canopy Vista Expedition, as well as a regular Battle for Zendikar Canopy Vista. Traci and I used to Judge events together when I lived in New Zealand 7 years ago, and somehow always manages to end up in my coverage. I don't know how she pulled off this time, though.

David Franklin

David Franklin from Canberra was next, with an Overgrown Tomb. David has recently returned to the game, and keeps mistaking me for a friend of his from Queensland called Kieran. Seriously David, I'm not Kieran.

Clinton Hanna

Sydney's Clinton Hanna had the biggest grin on his face when I found him, and was mostly chuffed with this Stomping Grounds. Clinton started playing with Onslaught, so maybe he was hoping for a Wooded Foothills instead.

Jasper Grimmer

Jasper Grimmer has travelled all the way from Germany, and opened a Breeding Pool for his efforts. Jasper was seated when I found him, but this photo doesn't do justice to just how tall he was once he stood up. I mean, he's probably still that tall. He was like, six foot eleventy or something.

Chris Krause-Heuer

Lastly, Chris Krause-Heuer from Bathurst approached me after round 1, after opened a Godless Shrine and (I guess) just not being loud enough in a room with over a thousand people.

While there were rumours that someone had opened a sealed pool with two Expeditions in it, we never found them, so like the hunt for Expeditions, the hunt for the fabled Two Expedition Sealed Pool continues. Maybe someone will open two in draft tomorrow.