UR (Dead) with Eduardo Sajgalik

Posted in GRAND PRIX SYDNEY 2016 on July 31, 2016

By Neale Talbot

In the first draft of Day 2, Eduardo Sajgalik, who made Top 8 at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica in 2012, and has four career GP Top 8s, sat in a draft pod with Alexander Hayne and Zen Takahashi, crafting one of the best Blue/Red decks of the day. Sajgalik, a French National, has represented three distinct national teams at the World Magic Cup; Canada, England and Great Britain, and is in the running to represent England again this year.

Eduardo Sajgalik

"Basically I'm in a virtual lead for the England race." Sajgalik said, "Autumn Burchett is currently ahead, but as I'm attending the Pro Tour, I can pull ahead. Francesco Giorgio is one point behind me, but has better breakers, so I'm hoping to get a Top 8 today in order to get a substantial lead in the race."

Having just finished the draft pod 3-0, Sajgalik was well on his way to making that precious Top 8. He explained how his deck came together.

"I started mono-blue, opening Wharf Infiltrator Pack One, Pick One. Then I took Drag Under and Scour the Laboratory. I was passed the second Wharf Infiltrator in Pack 2, which I was very happy about. Wharf infiltrator was stupidly awesome. I had a game where I had two of them, so they there were two triggers on discard, making two 3/2s. It's just really good, in my view. Especially in a madness deck. Discarding a Madness creature, making two 3/2s and a 4/1 for 6 mana - that's amazing."

Sajgalik also drafted three Thermo-Alchemists and a Mercurial Geists to build the very definition of the U/R spells deck. He then used it to beat Tobey Tamber, Leonard Schechtl and Zen Takahashi at GP Sydney.

Eduardo Sajhalik's UR (Dead)

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