Grand Prix Sydney Top 4 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on April 15, 2018

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

After 14 Rounds of gruelling team Unified Modern play, we have a Top 4, and because we know you love this stuff, we have all of the decklists they played to get there. Remember, each deck within a team cannot share any cards with another deck, and it looks like all of these teams have navigated that restriction perfectly!

39 Points – Venturi/Yau/Beaujard

Jonathan Venturi – Titanshift

Benny Yau – Dredge

Mathieu Beaujard – Humans

34 Points – Crasto/Rogers/Barlow

Dirk Crasto – Living End

Matt Rogers – Blue Moon

Nicholas Barlow – Humans

33 Points – Estephan/Lewis-Jonns/Saunders

Jessica Estephan – Black-Red Hollow One

Ryan Lewis Jonns – Humans

Lachlan Saunders – Mono-Green Tron

33 Points – O'Rourke/Golding/Frisch

James O'Rourke – Red-Green Tron

Jacob Golding – Affinity

Aidan Frisch – Grixis Control

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