Round 14 Pairings

Posted in Event Coverage on April 12, 2018

By Wizards of the Coast

Table Team     Opponent  
1 Venturi-Yau-Beaujard   vs. Wilks-Linabury-Schroder  
2 O'Rourke-Golding-Frisch   vs. Crasto-Rogers-Barlow  
3 Barker-Whalen-Crowther   vs. Oonishi-Ishida-Matsuda  
4 Muljadi-Huang-Dinh   vs. Johnston-Visser-Stewart  
5 Estephan-Lewis-Jonns-Saunders   vs. Robb-Hart-Maurici  
6 Takahashi-Chung-Taku   vs. Cheung-Ding-Lou  
7 Lim-Foo-Goh   vs. Key-Stringer-Broadbridge  
8 Khalil-Clarke-Garcia   vs. Winter-Walton-Robinson  
9 Yong-Williams-Kellock   vs. Tomikawa-Katayose-Tao  
10 Griffin-Sheynin-Swannack   vs. Dunn-Turner-Ward-Smith  
11 Watanabe-Yukuhiro-Takimura   vs. Yuen-Richards-Kotila  
12 Chen-Chan-Dang   vs. Troll-Messel-Cubit  
13 Francis-Burgemeestre-Cock   vs. Brown-Tilden-Lin  
14 Harris-Hewitt-Markovic   vs. Huang-Jackson-Nam  
15 Mackay-Hilzinger-McKrell   vs. Lee-Catan-Deane  
16 Nguyen-Thompson-Healy   vs. Karopoulos-Billinghurst-Blanchard  
17 Gillis-Kelly-Pigram   vs. Comley-Stevens-Barton  
18 Silveira-Cao-Hohaus   vs. Swords-Robertson-Sclauzero  
19 Fong-Lee-Kong   vs. Parker-Ge-Ventsov  
- Rosmarudin-Ong-Lau   vs. BYE  

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