It was a fan-favorite finals. Amateur Sheng Hsun Hsia walked through the Top 8 like he owned it, dispatching Morris Song with style in the deciding third game before savaging Joe Wang 2-0. In the other bracket, Chiang ensured an all-Taiwan finals when he drew Albertus Law and his Psychatog deck for the semifinals, a dream matchup for his Squirrel-Opposition if ever there was one. He met Hsia at the final table, and they split the first two games. In the third, a game of cat-and-mouse ended with Hsia hard-casting Phantom Nishoba on an empty board. Two attacks later it was over. Congratulations to Sheng Hsun Hsia, 2002 Grand Prix - Taipei Champion!


Top 8 Final Standing

1.Sheng Hsun Hsia (Taiwan) $2,400
2.Kang Nien Chiang (Taiwan) $1,700
3.Joe Yi Xiang Wang (Taiwan) $1,200
4.Albertus Hui Chin Law (Singapore) $1,000
5.Morris Song (Taiwan) $800
6.Wen-Jien Hwang (Taiwan) $800
7.Chang Ming Tung (Taiwan) $800
8.Lucifar Sun (Taiwan) $800

(Click here for complete final standings)


top 8 bracket


(1) Morris Song

(8) Sheng Hsun Hsia

(4) Joe Yi Xiang Wang

(5) Lucifar Sun

(2) Wen-Jien Hwang

(7) Albertus Hui Chin Law

(3) Chang Ming Tung

(6) Kang Nien Chiang


Sheng Hsun Hsia, 2-1

Joe Yi Xiang Wang, 2-1

Albertus Hui Chin Law, 2-0

Kang Nien Chiang, 2-0


Sheng Hsun Hsia, 2-0

Kang Nien Chiang, 2-0


Sheng Hsun Hsia, 2-1






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