Quarterfinals: Ryan Luo vs. Takimura Kazuyuki

Posted in GRAND PRIX TAIPEI 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on July 27, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Game 1

Luo curved out perfectly, putting a duo of Welkin Terns, Aeronaut Tinkerer and Razorfoot Griffin on the board. Kazuyuki tried to defend with Raise the Alarm, Sungrace Pegasus and Wall of Essence, after destroying Rogue's Gloves with Solemn Offering.

Luo assembles a formidable team of flyers.

However Luo drew into a second Rogue's Gloves and attacked with his entire force. On the next turn, Void Snare on Kazuyuki's lone flyer prompted him to scoop up his cards.

Ryan Luo 1 – Takimura Kazuyuki 0

Game 2

Both player's first flyers clashed in the air, but it was Kazuyuki's Sungrace Pegasus which survived the fight against Welkin Tern, thanks to Necrobite. Luo was unfazed and replenished with two Aeronaut Tinkerers, Razorfoot Griffin and Oreskos Swiftclaw.

It would seem that Kazuyuki was in danger, but Wall of Essence and Triplicate Spirits mounted an impressive defense. At least it looked that way...

Kazuyuki mounts a defense...

... until Luo tapped down Wall of Essence with Frost Lynx and added Rogue's Gloves to his board, giving both his Aeronaut Tinkerers flying. This attack prompted Kazuyuki to block Oreskos Swiftclaw with a token he left back, but still lost 6 life from this all out attack.

Solemn Offering dealt with Rogue's Gloves, but Luo was ready with Master of Predicaments. Guessing "lower" when the sphinx hit him, Kazuyuki allowed Raise the Alarm to be cast for free. Next turn, Luo peeled Peel from Reality from the top of his deck, returning his own Frost Lynx and an opposing flying, resummoning the Frost Lynx to tap down Wall of Essence for the win.

"Hey, I peeled a peel!"

Ryan Luo 2 – Takimura Kazuyuki 0

Ryan Luo defeats Takimura Kazuyuki and advances to the semifinals, also qualifying for Pro Tour Honolulu!