Sealed Deck with Lee Shi Tian

Posted in GRAND PRIX TAIPEI 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on July 26, 2014

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Of late, Lee Shi Tian has been showing what the Asia Pacific region is capable of, adding a second Pro Tour top 8 to his resume at Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia earlier this year. When you add a fistful of GP top 8's to the picture, Lee's definitely someone worth looking out for in any tournament. I sat down with Lee to see how he prepared for this event and for Pro Tour Magic 2015 next weekend in Portland.

"I just study the spoiler," he admitted. "I look for synergies that others might miss that will give me an edge, that's where I've had my success in the past. I've only done 3 drafts so far, I don't get to draft that often in Hong Kong."

I asked about what synergies he's found in Magic 2015 so far. "Nothing that gives me an edge yet," he laughed.

Lee laid out the cards from his sealed pool, and immediately lamented the lack of creatures in any color. "You need bombs," he stated, looking over his cards, "and ways to deal with them."

He initially toyed with red and white for a Hoarding Dragon and a Seraph of the Masses, but eventually settled on black and green, as a pair of Unmake the Graves would at least allow him to make use of what creatures he did have.

Lee Shi Tian struggles to find 40 cards he'd be happy to play with.

"These are the only reason I'm in green," he smiled, pointing to a couple of Plummets, something he'd be able to use to take out any Dragons or Djinns that dared show their heads. He also pushed a Necrobite amongst his spells to help deal with any large monsters on the ground.

I asked whether he thought the deck could get him to Day 2 or not. "4-2 after byes? I don't know..." Lee shrugged, but he couldn't hide a smile. I guess you don't get results like Lee's without being able to successfully pilot a middling sealed pool now and again, right?