Semifinals: Tung Yi Cheng vs. Li Ciang Lyu

Posted in GRAND PRIX TAIPEI 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on July 27, 2014

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Both Tung Yi Cheng and Li Ciang Lyu defeated their quarterfinals opponents with aggressive Black-Red decks, which they would now have to pitch against each other in a gruesome pseudo-mirror match.

And it was just as gruesome as advertised. Game 1 ended as quickly as it started, with both players trading early drops, until Cheng played a turn five Rotfeaster Maggot, and a turn six Scuttling Doom Engine. Lyu could only smile and reach for his sideboard.

Tung Yi Cheng 1 – Li Ciang Lyu 0

Tung Yi Cheng is always hoping for a miracle.

They again traded their early drops in Game 2, but Lyu pressed his momentum with a Gravedigger, and breezed through a Rotfeaster Maggot with a Necrobite. Juggernaut from Cheng looked like it might swing the game back in his favor, but Lyu pushed it home with a Nightfire Giant.

Tung Yi Cheng 1 – Li Ciang Lyu 1

Cheng mulliganed to six in the deciding game, and was confronted by a hand of six land. He scoffed, before shuffling them back in for five replacements, only to find five non-lands waiting for him. He kept those, and passed back his first turn without play.

Lyu wasted no time playing lands of his own, and a Witch's Familiar, only to see Cheng peel the two land he needed to summon a Generator Servant, and power out a hasty Juggernaut. Lyu played Sign in Blood and his own Generator Servant, but when he pushed his creatures in front of the Juggernaut, Cheng took out the Servant with a Heat Ray. Unfortunately for the Witch's Familiar, it appeared the Servant had been load-bearing, leaving the Familiar to be crushed under the weight of the Juggernaut. Lyu untapped and levelled a Flesh to Dust at the artifact creature to finally stop it in its tracks.

Cheng played a Child of Night, and immediately sent it in with a Hammerhand, but Lyu came back over the top with a Rotfeaster Maggot, a Child of his own, and a Rummaging Goblin. Cheng summoned Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient and the game ground to a halt.

Li Ciang Lyu rummages up a better game plan.

Lyu began rummaging away his excess cards and played a pair of Accursed Spirits, while Cheng finally found enough land to play a Rotfeaster Maggot. Lyu summoned a Shadowcloak Vampire, and the Soul of Innistrad. Remarkably, Cheng had a Flesh to Dust for the Avatar, and managed to take care of the back half of it with another Rotfeaster Maggot.

It really looked like Cheng might pull off the comeback of the weekend when Lyu sent the Vampire to the air, and Cheng called down a Lightning Strike, but Lyu saved it with a Necrobite, before finishing Cheng off with a Covenant of Blood a turn later.

Li Ciang Lyu defeats Tung Yi Cheng 2-1 and advances to meet Hao-Shan Huang in the finals.