9-32 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on June 26, 2016

By Chapman Sim

The Top 8 is comprised of 4 Bant Company, 2 Green-White Tokens, 1 Bant Humans and 1 Red-Green Ramp, but let's not forget that some of these players are just one match point or one match win away from the Top 8.

We figured you might want to “investigate” these top performing decklists! Enjoy!

Han Chin Yao's White-Red Humans (9th)

Ken Yukuhiro's Bant Humans (10th)

Yuuya Watanabe's Bant Humans (11th)

Kazutaka Naide's Green-White Tokens (12th)

Sung Bok Tung's Jund (13th)

Riku Kumagai's Green-White Tokens (14th)

Chris Thompson's Blue-Red Ulamog (15th)

Nathan Basser's Red-Green Ramp (16th)

Hitoshi Tomomura's Bant Company (17th)

Tomohito Otsuka's Green-White Tokens (18th)

Yuki Matsumoto's Bant Company (19th)

Sun Bo's White-Blue Flyers (20th)

Daisuke Nakamichi's Abzan (21st)

Jian Sheng Xiu's Bant Humans (22nd)

Yeh Chih-Cheng's Grixis Control (23rd)