Day 1 Undefeated Analysis

Posted in Event Coverage on June 25, 2016

By Chapman Sim

793 players came to compete but only so many can return tomorrow. 266 to be exact. Among them are four undefeated players, three at 9-0 and one at 8-0-1. Let's zone in on these valiant heroes for a moment, shall we?

Lee Shi Tian, one Bant Coco enthusiast.

Right at the top of the Swiss standings is Platinum Pro Lee Shi Tian. It should come as no surprise that he is on Bant Company, since he has been very vocal about his love for the archetype. Somehow, he has found space to accommodate Eldrazi Displacer and Bounding Krasis for the best of both worlds and the nice balance of Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Nissa, Vastwood Seer and Tireless Tracker is also what makes the deck tick.

"It was a smooth-sailing day in general, but the most difficult match was playing against Shota Yasooka in Round 8. I'm currently on 40 Pro Points right now and if I win Grand Prix Taipei, I'll be locked for Platinum!"

Lee Shi Tian’s Bant Company (9-0)

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Huang Wen Che, a new player with big dreams.

The second of three 9-0 players is Huang Wen Che of Chinese Taipei. What is most amazing about Huang is that he has a win streak that is way more impressive than any other in the even grounds today.

Aside from going 9-0 with Bant Humans, perhaps it would impress you even more if I told you he also won a Grand Prix Trial yesterday, with a different 75 no less! Huang is a relatively new player with a humble demeanor and gives credit where its due.

"I think I have been fortunate all weekend. My decks operated very smoothly and I did not mulligan very much. I am also new to the competitive scene and quite frankly I did not expect to do so well. I hope that I can keep this up tomorrow so I will be able to qualify for my very first Pro Tour. Thanks to all my friends for all the support. I'll try my best not to disappoint!"

Huang Wen Che’s Bant Humans (9-0)

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At Table 3, the match concluded in approximately ten minutes. so I approached Ken Yukuhiro to find how what resulted in his swift defeat. His match was pretty much summed up in five words.

"Two games. Two land. Stop."

Oh, bummer.

Since Yukuhiro's opponent, Kenichiro Omori, was piloting Boros Humans, one can understand why it was such a landslide victory.

Omori is well-known within the Japanese community for being notoriously unlucky with "losing win-and-ins" but was often near the top of the standings. However, he has a semifinals appearance at Grand Prix Kobe in 2011, the very same one that Shota Yasooka won. With a 9-0 performance here, Omori is the third of the 9-0 players and is equally well-poised to make his second Grand Prix Top 8.

I won't spill too many beans, but he is running Mighty Leap and Consuming Sinkhole, two cards which might raise eyebrows but has worked for Omori all day.

Kenichiro Omori’s Boros Humans (9-0)

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Last but not least, it was a battle between two 7-0-1 players over at Table 4. Grand Prix Nagoya 2016 Top 8 competitor, Shawn McNeace, emerged the victor, dispatching Grand Prix Chiba 2015 Champion, Yuki Matsumoto, elegantly.

Trying to make his second Grand Prix Top 8, the dream was entirely possible if his Bant Company deck continued to cooperate tomorrow. His list is pretty textbook, with a very streamlined sideboard which seems very well-tuned for the metagame in Taipei.

Shawn McNeace’s Bant Company (8-0-1)

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Trust me when I say I'm itching to share the four players' undefeated decklists with you, but that can only happen once Round 15 begins! Despite White-Green Tokens' high numbers, it was Collected Company and Thalia's Lieutenant which performed the best!

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