Semifinals - Mark Jacobson (Bant Megamorph) vs Edgar Magalhaes (Mardu Dragons)

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2015

By Josh Bennett

The second round of the Top 8 is when the pressure starts to build. In the quarterfinals you're still feeling the excitement of reaching, coupled with having locked up a Pro Tour invitation. Winning is on your mind, but you know you've still got hard wins to earn. Both of these competitors were all business now that victory was within arm's reach.

The Games

Jacobson's seven were no good, and his six weren't much better. He kept his five with a shrug.

He went on the offensive with a face-up Den Protector and watched as Thoughtseize reduced his hand to just Dragonlord Ojutai and a land. He scryed and watched as Magalhaes binned the Protector with Draconic Roar. Jacobson pinned his hopes on Surrak, the Hunt Caller. Magalhaes put out a Thunderbreak Regent and was happy to trade it away for a hasty Ojutai.

Here, Magalhaes decided to flip the script, summoning a Stormbreath Dragon and swinging in. Jacobson seized a glimmer of hope, asking his deck to kindly serve up yet another Ojutai. He peeked at his draw, but the Dragonlord had spurned him. He hit for five and watched as Magalhaes closed the door with Foul-Tongue Invocation. It wasn't long before a second Stormbreath joined a lethal attack.

Magalhaes 1 – Jacobson 0

No mulligans this time around. Magalhaes was first on the board with Seeker of the way. Jacobson answered with Deathmist Raptor. Crackling Doom cleared it out and boosted the Seeker for an attack. Jacobson tried Courser of Kruphix next, showing Den Protector on top.

Magalhaes decided to play it fast. He spent his fourth turn on another Crackling Doom and got in for more damage. Between that and some pain from Jacobson's lands, he had quite a healthy lead. However, it was clear to everyone what would follow: A morphed Den Protector, rebuying Courser of Kruphix and bringing Deathmist Raptor along for the ride. Magalhaes had Soulfire Grand Master but was short on removal.

Jacobson played out his Courser and got a free Windswept Heath for his troubles. Magalhaes hit a sixth land to ready buyback on Draconic Roar with the Grand Master, but didn't have a ready answer for the Courser. Worse, he was drawing lands instead of action. He got rid of Raptor and then Den Protector with the Roar, but Jacobson found Glare of Heresy to stop that nonsense before it could cause any real harm.

The worst part of the whole thing from Magalhaes's perspective was that he had watched Jacobson sculpt his hand thanks to the Courser. He knew that Jacobson had countermagic at the ready and that his Crux of Fate was all but worthless. He tried to build a turn that he could resolve it by drawing out the Negate with an Anger of the Gods, but when he tapped his last five for the Crux Jacobson showed him Disdainful Stroke. After that it was just mopping up.

Magalhaes 1 – Jacobson 1

Magalhaes opened the deciding game with a turn-one Thoughtseize. Jacobson spread out a hand of five lands, Negate and Hornet's nest. Magalhaes stripped the Negate. They played lands back and forth, Magalhaes having no threats to get the ball rolling. Hornet's Nest fell to Foul-Tongue Invocation. Magalhaes untapped and Thoughtseized again, this time catching Courser of Kruphix and leaving Valorous Stance behind. He added Seeker of the Way and passed.

Now Magalhaes had some pressure, albeit not much. Jacobson played his fourth land and passed. Magalhaes played his fifth and hit for two. Then another blank turn from Jacobson. Magalhaes hit for two more, unable to stop drawing lands. Who would draw out of it first?

Jacobson drew and tapped four for Surrak. Magalhaes spent Crackling Doom to get rid of him, and Jacobson decided to use his Dromoka's Command to kill off the Seeker before it was completely blanked. Back to parity.

Magalhaes's next draw practically jumped onto the table: Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

“That's a good one,” deadpanned Jacobson.

She started to assemble her army while Jacobson drew useless reactive spells. Three became six, and then nine, and Jacobson extended the hand in defeat.

Edgar Magalhaes defeats Mark Jacobson 2-1

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