Grand Prix Toronto 9-32 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on February 12, 2018

By Corbin Hosler

With more than 1,600 players at Grand Prix Toronto, the cut between Top 8 and the Top 32 was a razor-thin margin. These are the players that put up a notable finish at the event.

Cody Gravelle's Mardu Pyromancer, 9th

Matthew Ferrando's Mardu Pyromancer, 10th

Jonathan Rosum's Jeskai Control, 11th

Edgar Magalhaes' Amulet Titan, 12th

Zan Syed's Five-Color Humans, 13th

Maxime Auger's Jeskai Breach, 14th

Nick Pauloff's Titanshift, 15th

Lucas Siow's Black-Green Midrange, 16th

Justin Murphy's Black-Red Hollow One, 17th

Michael Brierley's Titanshift, 18th

Bryan Gottlieb's Black-Green Tron, 19th

Joe Sargent's Mardu Pyromancer, 20th

Daniel Goetschel's Blue-Red Pyromancer, 21st