Grand Prix Turin Decklists: 9th – 16th

Posted in Event Coverage on September 3, 2017

By Tobi Henke

Do you have the energy to look at another eight decklists? Well, maybe take a peek at the lists of the players who finished in ninth to eleventh place; then you should have more than enough energy! Whereas the prize for the most interesting deck definitely belongs to Lukas Blohon's Mono-White Eldrazi in 13th.

Alessandro Lippi's Temur Energy, 9th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Daniel Antoniou's Temur Energy, 10th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Maxime Jorland, 11th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Matteo Moure's Ramunap Red, 12th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Lukas Blohon's Mono-White Eldrazi, 13th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Nikolin Lasku's Ramunap Red, 14th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Germain Caillaba's Mardu Vehicles, 15th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

Liu Yuchen's Ramunap Red, 16th at Grand Prix Turin 2017

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