Top 8 Draft Decks of Grand Prix Turin 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on July 29, 2018

By Tobi Henke

After fifteen rounds, with 2 to the power of 10 (1,024) others eliminated, only eight players remained in the running for the fame and the fortune, the title and the trophy. Find out what these people drafted here!

(This brings the final total of published decklists to 65. Not bad for a Limited Grand Prix, eh?)

Joao Choca, Top 8

Sebastien Gerardin, Top 8

Reinhold Kohl, Top 8

Michael Kundegraber, Top 8

Gero Lemke, Top 8

Michał Brancewicz, Top 8

Alberto Mattioli, Top 8

Guillaume Gauthier, Top 8

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