Undefeated Decks from GP Turin's First Draft

Posted in Event Coverage on July 29, 2018

By Tobi Henke

Below you can find all the decks that were piloted to a perfect 3-0 record in the first three rounds of the day. All 27 of them. Thanks to Oli Bird who dug into a mountain of lists with me to unearth these gems.

Decks are listed in draft pod order, meaning the first one went undefeated through pod number one, while the latter lists may have faced increasingly softer competition. Note that, because pairings are based on overall records and some players within the same pod started the day on different records, not every draft pod yielded a 3-0 deck, and some had two.

Julian Felix Flury, 3-0

Jari Rentsch, 3-0

Michal Brancewicz, 3-0

Guillaume Gauthier, 3-0

Alberto Mattioli, 3-0

Christian Rothen, 3-0

Fabio Lamonaca, 3-0

Simone Corsi, 3-0

Kayure Patel, 3-0

Joao Choca, 3-0

Reinhold Kohl, 3-0

Tobias Maurer, 3-0

Hakim Boudaoud, 3-0

Tim Franke, 3-0

Gero Lemke, 3-0

Saverio FRanceschini, 3-0