Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 10, 2014

By Tobi Henke

The numbers are in. 172 decklists have all been sorted and tallied up. Initial reports of large numbers of White-Blue Control, based on data from the top pros in the tournament, proved false. Instead the most-played decks on Day 2 were either midrange builds or occupied some point along the aggro spectrum.

Most remarkable, however, is that the turnout for the top six decks was so similar. As suggested by the 9-0 decks posted earlier, and reiterated by the following metagame breakdown, Standard truly is a diverse format at the moment.

Deck: Number:
B/R/G* 23
W/B Midrange 22
Blue Devotion** 22
G/W Aggro 20
Black Devotion** 19
Rabble Red 18
Burn 14
W/U Control*** 12
Green Devotion** 5
Red Devotion** 3
Graveyard Decks 2
R/G Monsters 2
R/G/W Auras 2
Others**** 8
Total: 172

*15 of the black-red-green decks were Jund Planeswalkers, seven were Jund Monsters, one was a hybrid.

**A lot of the devotion decks splashed for a second color. Two of the otherwise mono-blue devotion decks featured a little white. Nine of the black devotion decks included a bit of green, one included some blue. Three of the green devotion decks splashed red and the three red devotion decks all had a different splash: green, white, and black.

***Technically, three of these weren't even White-Blue Control but Esper, incorporating a sizeable contribution from black.

****The decks in the "other" category were all singletons but included quite interesting strategies like Mono-Green Beatdown, a green-black Rock deck, some midrange builds in unusual color combinations, and a blue-red deck with Shrapnel Blast, Ensoul Artifact, Chief Engineer, and lots of artifacts.