Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 9, 2014

By Tobi Henke

While many of the world's top players, and even several of the European pros, have stayed in town after the Pro Tour for this weekend's Grand Prix Portland, over here, on this side of the Atlantic, the Dutch GP can boast its own line-up of famous and semi-famous players. The coverage team has compiled a list of 50 players to watch—and we've found out what deck each one of them is playing.

For reference, this is our complete list, including a number of newly-minted national champions, two Hall of Famers, two Pro Tour champions, at least eleven Grand Prix winners, one Judge Emeritus, and quite many people with Grand Prix and Pro Tour Top 8 experience:

Fabrizio Anteri
Daniel Antoniou
Bradley Barclay
Lukas Blohon
Michael Bonde
Bernd Brendemühl
Jaap Brouwer
Marco Cammilluzzi
Stanislav Cifka
Pierre Dagen
Alexandre Darras
Fabian Dickmann
Patrick Dickmann
Mark Dictus
Menno Dolstra
Thomas Enevoldsen
Andreas Ganz
Steve Hatto
Lukas Jaklovsky
Marcel Kachapow
Florian Koch
Wenzel Krautmann
Vincent Lemoine
Loïc Le Briand
Bernhard Lehner
Marijn Lybaert
Valentin Mackl
Manuel Mayer
Lasse Nørgaard
Oliver Polak-Rottmann
Alessandro Portaro
Olle Råde
Toni Ramis Pacual
Eduardo Sajgalik
Christian Seibold
Thoralf Severin
Timothée Simonot
Bram Snepvangers
Petr Sochurek
Marcin Staciwa
Aleksa Telarov
Marc Tobiasch
Jan Van der Vegt
Arjan van Leeuwen
Robert van Medevoort
Nicolas Vanderhallen
Joost Vollebregt
Ruud Warmenhoven
Alan Warnock
Arnost Zidek

Now it would be somewhat unfair to spoil everyone's deck choice, of course. However, what we can give you is a metagame breakdown of this field of 50. What decks did the known players pick? Here's what:

Deck: Number:
White-Blue Control 10
Mono-Blue Devotion 9
Red-White Burn 9
Black-Red-Green Planeswalkers 7
Black-White Midrange 5
Green-White Aggro 5
Rabble Red 2
Esper 1
Mono-Black Devotion 1
Mono-Black Aggro 1

White-Blue Control claiming the top spot comes as no surprise as the deck did the same—not in numbers but in the hands of Ivan Floch—at Pro Tour Magic 2015. But there are big news here, namely the comparatively large number of players choosing Mono-Blue Devotion despite its lackluster showing at the Pro Tour. We'll find out later in the weekend whether this is a new trend or just an anomaly.