Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 10, 2014

By Oliver Gehrmann

Even if you've proven time and again that you are one of the most decorated Magic players on the planet, you can't do well at every tournament you're attending. Therefore, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that we're seeing veterans like Pierre Dagen (who missed Platinum by a notch), Marco Cammilluzzi, Timothee Simonot, Joost Vollebregt or Hall of Famer Olle Råde enrolling in the Public Events today rather than trying to claw their way into the Top 8 of the Grand Prix.

Even if you can't make Day 2, there's plenty to do at the Grand Prix!

Fortunately for them, there are still a lot of prizes up for grabs since we put together an amazing Public Events schedule for the weekend. No matter what format you prefer, chances are there are even several events being held all day where you can show off your skills and teach some of your friends a lesson about drafting. Or how to make the most out of two decks in a Two-Headed Giant event. Or that you really deserve a trip to Seattle where you will be shown around in the Wizards of the Coast offices and play against a few select other players with even more exclusive prizes on the line.

The latter prize can be won in the Super Sunday Series, an event that has attracted quite a number of decorated players that didn't do as well as expected in the main event. I still remember Marijn Lybaert returning to the hotel in Moscow in the evening after a somewhat disappointing performance in the Grand Prix, rejoicing over the fact that he had won an invitation for the prestigious event that will be held in the place where Magic is made and that comes with the all-inclusive package that is a paid flight, food and accommodation.

The last time this event was held, we saw the runner-up in last year's Player of the Year race Owen Turtenwald going up against the newly elected Hall of Famer Makihito Mihara in the finals where both traded blows until a timely Take Possession finally turned the game around and secured Turtenwald's win. Chances are, the second iteration of this tournament will once again go down in Magic history as an event to be remembered with even more Pros having tried to secure their ticket for the event after they have seen how much fun it is to play in it. In fact, a third of the participants of last year's event would prefer to qualify once again for this tournament rather than the Pro Tour!

These are just some of the prizes you can win in the Public Events!

So don't fret if your Day 1 isn't going as planned and you weren't able to live up to your expectations in the main event; there is always plenty more to do when the Grand Prix is in town. Yesterday morning, we met a few players in the hotel lobby that were also on the way to the venue and we asked them what deck they were playing. We didn't saw this response coming: "Commander - we're only here for the Public Events."

It's not always about winning the big prize and walking away with a gigantic check. Sometimes an Uncut Sheet will do the trick just as well and make sure you will have quite a few fond memories of the event you attended. You can take this and many more prizes home with you by enrolling in our Public Events!