Posted in GRAND PRIX UTRECHT 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on August 10, 2014

By Tobi Henke

In our first quarterfinal, Oliver Polak-Rottmann, playing Mono-Blue Devotion, met Alex Stok and his Red-White Burn deck. In the first game, Stok burned down a lot of Polak-Rottmann's creatures, and some more were Chained to the Rocks. However, he couldn't kill them all and took a severe beating at the hands of Bident of Thassa. The second didn't go much better. Stok mulliganed to five and never played more than a single Mountain.

Alex Stok 0-2 Oliver Polak-Rottmann (L–R)

In the second quarterfinal match to finish, Susanne Bornelöv and her Black-Green Devotion was paired against Armel Primot running Rabblemaster Red. Here, the second game was the most interesting, when Primot managed to overwhelm Bornelöv's defenses with a swarm of one-drop creatures. In the other two games, unfortunately, Primot's deck malfunctioned and only gave him one land until it was way too late.

Susanne Bornelöv 2-1 Armel Primot (L–R)

This pairing saw Ciprian Catana and his Black-White Midrange face off against Eliott Boussaudi playing Blue Devotion with a splash of white for Detention Sphere. In the first game, Boussaud quickly overwhelmed Catana's removal-light draw. Game 2 was a completely different affair, as both players basically dumped all of their resources into Catana's Pack Rat. Boussaud's team fought valiantly against the army of Rats, but when the last of the blue creatures had died, one Pack Rat still remained.

In a surprising twist, Boussaud's deck decided to pick exactly this point in time to give him a Mana Confluence for the Detention Sphere that had been stuck in his hand for ages. With battlefield and hands empty on both sides now, Boussaud managed to draw better off the top of his deck and took the game and match.

Eliott Boussaud 2-0 Ciprian Catana (L–R)

And lastly, Richard Webels and his White-Blue Control met Christoffer Larsen and his Blue Devotion. In both games, Larsen was unable to battle down Webels's defenses. He came close, but whenever it appeared as if Webels was finally out of answers a massive Sphinx's Revelation brought him back from the brink of defeat and left Webels in quite the comfortable position, actually.

Christoffer Larsen 0-2 Richard Webels (L–R)