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By Oliver Gehrmann

There were times when even the opponents of Dennis Spenner were rooting for him since he was running such a crazy deck this weekend. He decided to put his money on a Graveyard deck that would bring back "nutty" cards like Hornet Queen or Angel of Serenity. I wanted to talk a little strategy with him.

Even the opponents of Dennis Spenner were sometimes rooting for him!


He explained to me that he started pursuing the Graveyard reanimation plan roughly half a year ago when Mono-Black Devotion started to dominate the competitive scene. When one of the main aims of a deck is to cripple your game plan by discarding (creature) cards from your hand, it couldn't be such a bad idea to be able to bring the creatures that were sent there back, right?


Right indeed, but at first, the deck was missing quite a few tools. "I started with Commune with the Gods and I was happy that I was later able to replace it with Grisly Salvage and Satyr Wayfinder," Spenner explained.

He put in some serious work, testing and tuning the deck and that's how he came up with his final version.

According to him, the best cards in the deck are Angel of Serenity, Hornet Queen and Obzedat's Aid. If he fails to draw into the latter, he still has Whip of Erebos to bring back the most powerful creatures from his graveyard. While it should be obvious by now, Spenner spelled it out again one more time: "The deck is all about casting "unfair" cards way earlier than usual."

What are your match-ups like?

"My best match-ups are against Green-White Aggro Decks and Black Devotion. I thought that my match-up against Mono-Blue Devotion is really bad as well, but I ended up with a 4 - 1 against the archetype this weekend, so it might be much better than I initially thought.

"The really bad match-up is R/W Burn; I really need to be lucky to have a chance against this fast deck. They are at least 5 % ahead in my opinion. I played against them once this weekend and won since lady luck was on my side, but generally speaking, I'm not hoping to face a player running this deck."

Why did you decide to play this deck today?

"No one expects this deck and most decks in the field are aiming to go for a Midrange approach while I can wrap things up much earlier than them."

Dennis Spenner's favorite card from his deck!


How did you do yesterday?


"I went 7 - 2 yesterday without byes; I lost to Black-White Midrange when he had 3 discard spells before I could get my engine going. The other loss was against Mono-Blue Devotion when I failed to find a big creature like Hornet Queen or Angel of Serenity. "

What are the best new cards from Magic 2015?

"Hornet Queen is the best new addition Magic 2015; it makes the deck a lot stronger. Before, I had problem with Blood Baron of Vizkopa and Stormbreath Dragon and it can deal with both of them!"

Dennis Spenner's Graveyard Deck

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There is yet another player that went with a graveyard-based strategy this weekend, although his approach was rather different compared to Spenner's. We didn't find the time to sit down and talk strategy with him, but here is his list:

Dennis Baauw's Graveyard Deck

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